Elements of Surprise is the 11th episode of Mesozoic Meltdown, and the 60th episode of the Dinosaur King anime.


The D-Team is searching for the third Cosmos Stone when they encounter Sheer, who is also looking for the Cosmos Stone. Sheer summons Mapusaurus to attack the woodcutters that disturb her sleep, and then ends up attacking the village. Rex summons Ace to attack Mapusaurus but Mapusaurus uses Heat Eruption, causing a volcano to erupt with flaming meteors forcing the two groups to retreat for a little while.

Sheer once again summons Mapusaurus and Max summons Chomp, using Gatling Spark to defeat Mapusaurus. The D-Team's dinosaurs use Lightning Strike, Biting Wind and Emerald Garden to stop the lava from the volcano.


Sheer vs. RexEdit

Sheer summons Mapusaurus to attack Ace. To attack them, Mapusaurus throws the monk into the volcano, but Ace saves him with Cyclone.

When Mapusaurus uses Heat Eruption , a real volcanic eruption ensues, forcing both sides to retreat.

No Winner

Sheer vs. D-TeamEdit

Once again, Sheer summons Mapusaurus to fight the D-Team's dinosaurs. When she grabs the monk, Paris uses her call to force Sheer to drop him.

Mapusaurus attempts to use Fire Bomb , but is unsuccessful when Chomp knocks him off. Chomp then uses Gatling Spark to defeat it.

D-Team Wins

New CardsEdit


  • While Sheer is complaining to the D-Team and flipping her hair, the dark purple trim on her lower skirt vanished.


Elements of Surprise

Elements of Surprise

Mesozoic Meltdown episode 11