Two Shoguns Are Better Than One is the 14th episode of Mesozoic Meltdown and the 63rd episode of the Dinosaur King anime.


The D-Team and Alpha Gang are stuck in Ancient China, having no contact with the Backlander.

Meanwhile, the Spectral Space Pirates arrive in Ancient Japan, and Sheer is sent looking for the Cosmos Stone. When Dr.'s Ancient and Cretacia are taken to build a Cosmos Stone Locator, Dr. Drake goes to tend to the Space Pirates' dinosaurs. It is also revealed that Seth has been rescued and recruited by Spectre.

The Backlander returns (Jonathan and Helga had been out shopping and turned it off) and follows the Pterosaur to Ancient Japan. There, Shogun Tokugawa and his samurai bodyguard, Hanzo, are on the run from a group of female ninjas sent by Takeda. They run into Sheer, who summons Gojirasaurus, and Tokugawa is separated from the group. Tokugawa runs into the D-Team before Sheer and her Gojirasaurus show back up, when Chomp is called out to battle.

Nearby, the Alpha Gang (on Dr. Z's orders to find and capture dinosaurs) goes into a cave. And on the Space Pirates' ship, in a freak accident, a Utahraptor gets free and pushes Dr. Drake through a ventilation shaft, and is teleported onto the surface world outside, where he is found by Hanzo.

In the fight between Gojirasaurus and Chomp, Gojirasaurus is winning when Ace is summoned in, and eventually hits Gojirasaurus with Hurricane Beat, but before it returns to its card, it knocks Sheer into a tree, giving her amnesia, and she is dragged of by the ninjas.

Meanwhile, the Alpha Gang finds and is chased by a bear, a chase which continues on-and-off throughout the entire story arc.


Sheer/Gojirasaurus vs. D-TeamEdit

Sheer's Gojirasaurus attacks the D-Team and Tokugawa, so Max summons Chomp to fight it. Gojirasaurus smashes Chomp into a boulder, so Rex summons Ace, but Gojirasaurus slams him into a tree. Element Boosters are then applied. Chomp attacks with Plasma Anchor, but Gojirasaurus absorbs it with Defense Burst and fires the attack back. Ace then uses Hurricane Beat and defeats Gojirasaurus

D-Team wins

New CardsEdit


Two Shoguns are Better than One

Two Shoguns are Better than One

Mesozoic Meltdown episode 14