Dinosaurs, Ninjas and Bears! Oh My! is the 16th episode of Mesozoic Meltdown, the 65th episode of the anime.


Going through an underground cave beneath the waterfall, the D-Team and Shogun Tokugawa travel through it while the Alpha Gang are attacked by a bear.

Meanwhile, the Battle of Nigatagahara is about to begin.

The Alpha Gang run into the D-Team and an attack by Terry results in Zoe, Tokugawa, and a bear cub being trapped under a pile of rocks. Max and Rex transform Chomp and Ace to help get them out. The Alpha Gang are also forced to help out.

During this, Ace gets attracted by the White Cosmos Stone. When Zoe, Tokugawa, and the bear cub get out, the bear family starts chasing the Alpha Gang again, and Rex appears with the Cosmos Stone.

Gavro then attacks and unleashes his Baryonyx. Rex summons Ace, but Chomp and Paris are needed also. During the battle, Tokugawa gets away with the White Cosmos Stone with some assistance from Hanzou while Chomp defeats the Baryonyx.

Gavro goes after Tokugawa while the D-Team has a run-in with a larger bear.


D-Team vs. Gavro/BaryonyxEdit

Gavro summons a Baryonyx and attacks the D-Team. Ace is summoned to fight Baryonyx, knocking him back.

Baryonyx uses Aqua Whip, nearly defeating Ace. Max and Zoe summon Chomp and Paris, who knock back Baryonyx, freeing Ace. Seeing he's beginning to lose, Gavro activates Baryonyx's Spectral Armor, but the D-Team equipping their dinosaurs with DinoTector Armor.

Gavro then goes straight for the Cosmos Stone, but as the D-Team try to defend it, Hanzou swoops in and grabs it, then escapes with Tokugawa.

Seeing a chance to attack, Chomp defeats Baryonyx with Thunder Driver.

D-Team wins


(as Gavro reaches for Rex and the Cosmos Stone, Ace jumps up and bites his hand, but is thrown off)
-Gavro: "Hey, pick on someone your own species!"
(summons Baryonyx)

New CardsEdit


Dinosaurs, Ninjas and Bears! Oh My!20:17

Dinosaurs, Ninjas and Bears! Oh My!

Mesozoic Meltdown episode 16

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