There's No Business Like Shogun Business is the 17th episode of Mesozoic Meltdown, the 66th overall.


Tuojiangosaurus (Spectral Armor) 2

Spectral Armor Tuojiangosaurus

With the Alpha Gang occupied by bears, Zoe misses her parents. Gavro is still looking for Ieyasu and Hanzo, as the D-Team catches up to Ieyasu.

Upon nearing the battle, the D-Team and Ieyasu are attacked by Sheer and her new allies. Max and Rex summon their dinosaurs to defend Ieyasu as Sheer unleashes her Deinonychus to attack them. Gavro and Foolscap see Sheer fighting Chomp and Ace and fly down to help. Zoe summons Paris to fend off some kunoichis. Foolscap and Gavro activate Tuojiangosaurus and Pentaceratops to attack the D-Team.

As Ieyasu and the D-Team run into the battle, Chomp and Ace turn their attentions toward the Pentaceratops and the Tuojiangosaurus. When soldiers fire arrows toward Gavro and Foolscap, Tuojiangosaurus uses Quake Saber on the soldiers while Paris knocks Gavro into the air, then uses Green Impulse to defeat Tuojiangosaurus and send Foolcap flying. Chomp defeats Pentaceratops and the Deinonychus Trio are defeated, but Sheer makes off with the White Cosmos Stone and Zoe's father.


D-Team vs. Spectral Space PiratesEdit

Foolscap sends Tuojiangosaurus while Gavro summons Pentaceratops to attack the D-Team. The D-Team activates their dinosaurs to battle the 2 attacking dinosaurs. Ace deals with Sheer's Deinonychus while Chomp and Paris battle Tuojiangosaurus and Pentaceratops. The Japanese soldiers then attack Foolscap and Gavro, but then Foolscap activates Quake Saber to fend off the soldiers. After battling the soldiers, Gavro prepares to attack Tokugawa and Zoe until Paris knocks him away. Tuojiangosaurus turns its attention to Paris, which Zoe activates Green Impulse to defeat Tuojiangosaurus. Chomp then uses Thunder Driver to defeat Pentaceratops.

D-Team wins


There's No Business Like Shogun Business

There's No Business Like Shogun Business

Mesozoic Meltdown episode 17