Princess of the City is the 20th episode of Mesozoic Meltdown, the 69th in Dinosaur King.


The D-Team and Zahrah return to her city and try to avoid the 39 Thieves who are now in control of the place. They meet the Alpha Gang and learn Dr. Z is being held captive. In town, they see Aladdin and Jon-Jon selling magic lamps containing genies. They later see that it was a sham, but Aladdin immediately falls in love with the Princess.

Chomp helps them escape from a group of bandits, and Aladdin offers to lead them through a secret passage out of the city unseen. Upon arriving, however, Zayid and the Thieves arrive, having been tipped off by Jon-Jon looking for more money. Sheer quickly arrives, though, and her Lexovisaurus scares off the bandits and defeats Chomp, but Ace defeats Lexovisaurus. Sheer bursts back, however, and throws her boomerang weapon into a cliffhanger…


Sheer vs. D-TeamEdit

Sheer summons Lexovisaurus and Max summons Chomp. When Sheer and Zayid capture Zahrah, the D-Team is forced to summon Ace and Paris.

Sheer activates Spectral Armor, and Lexovisaurus takes Chomp down. Lexovisaurus uses Sand Trap on Zoe, Zahrah and Paris, but Ace defeats Lexovisaurus with Hurricane Beat; the quicksand disappears, freeing Zoe, Zara and Paris.

Rex/Ace and Zoe/Paris win


(Sheer is flying a Pod Ship across the Persian desert, communicating with Spectre on the main ship)
-Spectre: "What do you see now?"
-Sheer: "Sand."
-Spectre: "Okay, what about now?"
-Sheer: "Uhg. More sand."
-Spectre: "And, uh, now?"
-Sheer: "Pretty much the same sand, and then more sand, and then more sand after that."
-Spectre: "I want that Cosmos Stone, and I want it now, Sheer."
-Sheer: "The coordinates you sent me cover an entire desert. Can't the new radar we have get any more specific?"
-Spectre: "Rraah! You worthless piece of worthlessness! Gah!" (Spectre smashes the Cosmos Stone Detector)

(Dr. Z and the Sultan are being held in the dungeon in adjoining cells)
-Sultan: "If I don't get out of this awful place soon, I'll go stark raving mad."
-Dr. Z: "Listen up! If you guards don't let me out at once, you'll regret it—I'll unleash a plague of dinosaurs on you that will smash you to little tiny pieceeees!"
-Sultan: "Sounds like that poor little man in the next cell has already gone stark raving mad."

(Sheer summons her Lexovisaurus in midair, and it drops to the ground amongst the Thieves)
-Thief: "Why do monsters keep falling from the sky?!"

New CardsEdit


Princess of the City

Princess of the City

Mesozoic Meltdown episode 20