Malice in the Palace is the 21st episode of Mesozoic Meltdown, the 70th episode of Dinosaur King.


Isisaurus (Spectral Armor) 2

Genie in Spectral Armor

Seth has a conversation with Sheer to control Genie. The Alpha Gang is forced to fight the D-Team with Tank, Terry, and Spiny. Sheer arrives and uses her ship to control the Isisaurus. Genie defeated the Alpha Gang's dinosaurs and Paris, but Max and Rex defeated Genie.


Alpha Gang vs. GenieEdit

The Alpha Gang summons Terry, Spiny and Tank to fight Genie , they charge forward but all thrown by Genie. Terry counters Isisaurus , Terry uses Heat Eruption to attack Genie but countered by Hydro Cutter . Genie uses Hydro Cutter to defeat Spiny, Tank and Terry.

Genie wins

Zoe vs. GenieEdit

Zoe summoned Paris in her DinoTector form to fight Genie. She uses Metal Wing, summoning the Pteranodon to attack Genie, but he knocked him away. Paris charged him, but he stomps her into the ground, defeating her.

Genie wins

D-Team vs. GenieEdit

Chomp uses Ultimate Thunder and Ace uses Ultimate Wind to defeat Genie.

D-Team wins

New CardsEdit


Malice in the Palace

Malice in the Palace

Mesozoic Meltdown episode 21