The Haunted Hunt is the 25th episode of Mesozoic Meltdown, the 74th of Dinosaur King.


Maximus 1

Maximus summoned

The D-Team and Alpha Gang search for the Green Cosmos Stone. The Space Pirates also search. Their search ended in a "haunted castle". The D-Team and Alpha Gang split up to find the Cosmos Stone.

Gavro summons Gigas to attack the Alpha Gang. Zander and Ed summons Spiny and Tank to fight Gigas. Ursula and Zoe find the Green Cosmos Stone where they meet Sheer, who summons Maximus. Ursula uses Terry but he gets beaten by Spectral Punisher. Gigas defeats Tank with Spectral Lancer.

Paris eats the Green Cosmos Stone and gained immense power, using Ultimate Leaf and defeat Maximus. Chomp, Ace, and Spiny use their Ultimate Moves to defeat Gigas. The Space Pirates retreat while the D-Team claims the Cosmos Stone, but the Space Pirates suddenly return and attack...


Gavro vs. Max/Rex/Zander /EdEdit

Gavro summons Gigas and the Alpha Gang summons their respective dinosaurs.

Ursula calls back Terry to pursue Sheer, and D-Team summons Chomp and Ace. DinoTector is applied. Gigas uses Spectral Lancer on Spiny, but he survives. Spiny and Tank use their ultimate moves, but Gigas blocks them, and defeats Tank with Spectral Lancer. Spiny,Ace and Chomp take Gigas down with their ultimate moves.

D-Team and Alpha Gang wins

Sheer vs. Zoe/UrsulaEdit

Sheer summons Maximus as Zoe and Ursula summons Paris and Terry. DinoTector is applied.

Maximus defeats Terry with Spectral Punisher. Paris eats the Green Cosmos Stone and gains fantastic power. Maximus is defeated with Ultimate Leaf.

Zoe/Ursula Win


The Haunted Hunt

The Haunted Hunt

Mesozoic Meltdown episode 25