Desperately Seeking Spartacus is the 52nd episode of Dinosaur King, the 3rd of Mesozoic Meltdown.


Sophia brings Chomp back and the D-Team receive a transmission from Reese. After the transmission fails, Dr. Z reveals he has created new and improved Move Cards, stronger than what they had before. Zoe then realizes that Gavro was after Sophia's Yellow Cosmos Stone and might come back! Max takes the Emerald Garden and Plasma Anchor Move Cards and the D-Team go back after Sophia while Helga sends the Alpha Gang to make dinner. After finding Sophia, Foolscap attacks with his Shunosaurus! Max summons Chomp and Foolscap puts Spectral Armor on Shunosaurus to turn it into Spectral Armor Shunosaurus, but recalls it when he gets hurt. Sophia blames herself for the fact that she wasn't able to get the Yellow Cosmos Stone to Spartacus in time. However, Max gets a plan and tricks Foolscap into going after him and Rex while Zoe and Sophia go off to Rome. Sophia leaves Zoe and goes after Spartacus, when she realizes Spartacus has already been taken to Rome to fight as a Gladiator and Foolscap uses Shunosaurus to attack her. He also summons Majungasaurus. The D-Team help her and despite Foolscap turning Shunosaurus and Majungasaurus into Spectral Armor Shunosaurus and Spectral Armor Majungasaurus, they win with the new moves. Foolscap vanishes and the villagers capture the D-Team to hand their dinosaurs to the Roman Army!


D-Team vs. Foolscap/ShunosaurusEdit

Foolscap summons Shunosaurus. Max summons Chomp.

Chomp rams Shunosaurus and sends him into a building. Foolscap puts Spectral Armor on him and both attack back to back until Chomp slams Shunosaurus into a building and knocks Foolscap back. Foolscap recalls Shunosaurus and leaves.

No Result

D-Team vs. Foolscap/Shunosaurus and MajungasaurusEdit

Foolscap summons Majungasaurus and Shunosaurus, while the D-Team summons Chomp, Paris and Ace.

Foolscap activates Spectral Armor, then uses Mayfly on Ace and Aqua Vortex on Paris. In order to counter that, Chomp uses Plasma Anchor on Majugasaurus while Paris uses Emerald Garden on Shunosaurus, defeating them both.

D-Team Wins

New CardsEdit

  1. Shunosaurus dinosaur card
  2. Spectral Armor Shunosaurus dinosaur card
  3. Majungasaurus dinosaur card
  4. Spectral Armor Majungasaurus dinosaur card
  5. Plasma Anchor move card


Desperately Seeking Spartacus

Desperately Seeking Spartacus

Mesozoic Meltdown episode 3