Coliseum Clash is the 53rd episode of Dinosaur King, the 4th in Mesozoic Meltdown.


Chomp gets them out of the net and scares the villagers away. Jonathan tells Rex that a dinosaur just appeared, possibly one of the Spectral Space Pirates' Dinosaurs and go off to Rome, although it is revealed to be Terry, who was imprisoned by the Roman Army with the Alpha Gang in the last episode. Meanwhile, Spectre sends Sheer to get the Yellow Cosmos Stone. Meanwhile, Helga and Dr. Z talk about the Element Boosters and Dr. Z is shocked when he realizes what Helga would look if he combined all the Element Boosters on Helga and starts cleaning up. At the same time, the D-Team arrive in Rome and learn about Terry, managing to sneak into the Coliseum. Sulla forces Spartacus to fight some lions later tonight, while Terry battles the Roman Army. However, Max summons Chomp to fight Terry. During the fight, Sophia finds Spartacus and gives him the Yellow Cosmos Stone. Chomp defeats Terry with Lightning Strike and turns Terry back into a card. Ursula, Zander and Ed leave to go after legendary pizza and Spartacus is recaptured, but the D-Team rescue Sophia. They get away, but are cornered by a dead end.


Roman Army/Alpha Gang vs. MaxEdit

Max summons Chomp while the Alpha Gang is forced to allow the Roman Army to use Terry.

Chomp uses Lightning Strike and wins the battle.

Max wins

New CardsEdit

  • none


Coliseum Clash

Coliseum Clash

Mesozoic Meltdown episode 4