New CardsEdit

  1. Yangchuanosaurus dinosaur card
  2. Spectral Armor Yangchuanosaurus dinosaur card.
  3. Venom Fang move card (Piatnitzkysaurus)
  4. Burning Dash move card
  5. Armoured Triceratops dinosaur card.
  6. Ultimate Thunder move card


Yangchuanosaurus scares the D-Team out of the alley and Sheer captures Sophia while she turns Yang into Spectral Armor Yangchuanosaurus to hold Chomp and Ace off. When they use Thunder Storm Bazooka, Sheer recalls Yang and forces Sophia to tell her where the Yellow Cosmos Stone is. After the Alpha Gang is recaptured, the D-Team frees Sophia and rush back to Rome. Sulla makes Spartacus fight Spiny until Sheer battles him with Yang. After beating him, Sheer battles the D-Team and despite Chomp beating her Move Card dinosaur Piatnitzkysaurus, she beats Ace and Paris with Burning Dash. Luckily, Dr. Z gives Max the Element Boosters and he turns Chomp into Armoured Triceratops, beating Yang with Ultimate Thunder. However, Sheer leaves the fight and grabs the Yellow Cosmos Stone from Spartacus. After that, Spartacus and Sophia say goodbye to the D-Team as Jonathan and the Backlander take them into the Time Space, where Zander and Dr. Z drop a soda on the drive, which causes the system to shut down.


Spartacus vs. SpinyEdit

Ursula summons Spiny, Spartacus puts the Yellow Cosmos Stone in his sword and swings the sword. Spiny is knocked back, then hit again. Sheer uses Yangchuanosaurus. Battle interrupted by Sheer and Yangchuanosaurus

Spartacus vs. SheerEdit

Spartacus swings his sword. Sheer turns Yang into Spectral Armor Yangchuanosaurus and deflects the blast. Spartacus swings the sword again, but the end is swung off and Yang beats Spartacus. Yang prepares to swallow him, but Chomp uses Lightning Strike to stop him. Sheer wins, but the D-Team enter the battle

D-Team vs. SheerEdit

D-Team summon Chomp, Ace and Paris. Sheer activates Spectral Armor, then uses Venom Fang against Chomp.

Sheer uses Burning Dash against Ace and Paris, defeating them.

Zoe/Rex Lose

Dr. Z comes with the DinoTector as Chomp shakes off Piatnitzkysaurus and defeats it with Thunder Bazooka. Max activates Element Boosters, then uses Ultimate Thunder to defeat Yangchuanosaurus.

Max Wins


  • Zoe mentions the Pterodactylus, a genus of flying reptile not featured in Dinosaur King, when trying to find an escape route from the Roman army in the dead end alley; however, she mispronounces it as a "Ptero-du-actylus", when the name has no extra vowel at that point.

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