The Pterosaur guides Max and his friends to the Caribbean Sea in the year 1718. They encounter Jim (who falls in love with Zoe). The D-Team and Jimmy must find the Blue Cosmos Stone before the Space Pirates and the real pirates do. Rex and Dr. Z activated their dinos and armored them and they won the battle against Gavro. Chomp accidentally ripped the map in half, Blackbeard grabbed one with an X on it. Gavro returns to the real pirates with his Diceratops card to find the treasure and the Blue Cosmos Stone. The D-Team and Jim were chased by the big rolling rock.


Rex/Dr. Z vs. GavroEdit

Gavro summons Edmontonia. Rex summons Ace.

Ace attacks Edmontonia and Gavro turns it into Spectral Armor Edmontonia while Rex turns Ace into Armored Carnotaurus.

Ace knocks Edmontonia back and Gavro summons Diceratops, turning it into Spectral Armor Diceratops. Dr. Z arrives and summons Terry, turning him into Armored Tyrannosaurus. Terry and Ace attack and send Edmontonia back, then Terry chases after him.

Edmontonia sends Ace into a cliff while Terry battles Diceratops. Edmontonia uses Big Rock Roller, and Terry counters it with Ultimate Fire. The blast defeats Edmontonia. Ace knocks Diceratops on the ground and splits the map in two. Gavro recalls Diceratops, takes the piece of the map and flees.

Rex/Dr. Z Win

New CardsEdit

  1. Edmontonia dinosaur card
  2. Spectral Armor Edmontonia dinosaur card
  3. Diceratops dinosaur card
  4. Spectral Armor Diceratops dinosaur card
  5. DinoTector Armor Carnotaurus dinosaur card
  6. DinoTector Armor Tyrannosaurus dinosaur card
  7. Rock Roller move card
  8. Ultimate Fire move card


  • When Dr. Z activates Ultimate Fire, if you look closely, the card he is slashing is a regular Fire Dinosaur card; this is a result of recycled animation.



Dinosaur King 55 Dinosaurs of the Caribbean

Dinosaur King 55 Dinosaurs of the Caribbean

Mesozoic Meltdown episode 6
(sped-up bootleg version, official/good version unavailable)