After escaping from the rock, the D-Team go after Blackbeard and Gavro after he took the map with Dr. Z, who calls himself a pirate named Whitebeard. They follow him into the Bemuda Triangle, where Zoe battles Gavro and Diceratops, eventually winning with Ultimate Leaf. However, when Jim trys to kiss Zoe, she slaps him and sends him into Gavro's arms. Luckily, Zoe still has the map and they rush after them, only to find a giant rock and they are about to crash!


Zoe vs. GavroEdit

Zoe summons Paris and Gavro activates Diceratops. Element Boosters are activated, turning them into Armoured Parasaurolophus and Spectral Armor Diceratops.

Paris manages to force Diceratops back down, but it surprise attacks her, knocking Paris down. Zoe uses Ultimate Leaf to defeat Diceratops.

Zoe Wins

New CardsEdit

  1. Armoured Parasaurolophus dinosaur card
  2. Ultimate Leaf move card


  • When Zoe fights Gavro, Terry's theme tune plays when Diceratops is summoned. Also, Spiny's theme plays when Zoe has Paris into Armored Parasaurolophus.


X-treme Map Quest

X-treme Map Quest

Mesozoic Meltdown episode 7