Amazing Treasure Race! is the 58th episode of Dinosaur King, the 9th in Mesozoic Meltdown.


The British military attacks the D-Team, mistaking them for the real pirates. Upon arriving on the next island, the D-Team are then ambushed by Sheer and her Megaraptor. During battle, Chomp and the Megaraptor fall into the sea. As Blackbeard finds a water-filled cave and sails into it, Sheer recalls Megaraptor. A booby trap leaves the island half-submerged as Jimmy recovers the real map from Blackbeard. After finding the real location of the treasure, the D-Team are attacked again by Sheer, who activates her Megaraptor. The D-Team summons Chomp, Ace, and Paris to fight it. Although Ace defeats the Megaraptor, Sheer steals the Blue Cosmos Stone from Jimmy. Blackbeard and his crew are arrested by the British Military, and Jimmy is reunited with his father. As the D-Team and Alpha Gang leave, Jimmy gives Zoe a farewell kiss, to the horror of Max and Rex.


Sheer vs. MaxEdit

Sheer summons Megaraptor, while the D-Team summons Chomp and Ace.

Ace hits Megaraptor, but is then hit by Megaraptor's tail. Chomp almost hits him but then gets tossed. Chomp and Megaraptor fall into the water. The dinosaurs are recalled by their owners

No Conclusion

Sheer vs D-TeamEdit

Sheer summons Megaraptor and the D-Team summons Chomp and Ace. Sheer activates the Spectral Armor, so Zoe summons Paris and DinoTector for all three dinosaurs is activated.

Megaraptor uses Hurricane Beat with a stone to distract Jimmy. Once Sheer gets the Cosmos Stone, she uses Ninja Attack, but Ace uses Ultimate Wind and defeats Megaraptor.

D-Team wins

New CardsEdit


Amazing Treasure Race

Amazing Treasure Race

Mesozoic Meltdown episode 9