Dinosaur King StatisticsEdit

Mini King

Mini-King arcade card

  • Attribute: Lightning
  • Sign: Scissors
  • Power: 1000
  • Technique: 1000
  • Type: Defense Type
  • Other: Mini-King was the prototype form of Chomp and is also Chomp's replacement in the manga version. Despite this, it is never explicitly stated to be a Triceratops or any kind of dinosaur in official sources.


Mini-King was only released in Japan in the CoroCoro Comic and was a promo card for the 4th edition.

  • 4th Edition (promo card of Japanese 2006 October CoroCoro Comic)


  • Mini-King can be unlocked in the DS Game by using a specific code on the Stone Circle after beating Dr. Z the first time with his Tyrannosaurus, Mapusaurus, and Saurophaganax.
  • Although not stated, Mini-King appears to be about 15-20 feet (4.5-6 meters) long.



Dinosaur King Arcade Game Battle Scene Mini King00:23

Dinosaur King Arcade Game Battle Scene Mini King

Mini-King Japanese arcade promotional clip

One of lordofdinosaurking's videos showing mini king working in english08:12

One of lordofdinosaurking's videos showing mini king working in english

Mini-King in English arcade gameplay

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