Mole Attack (Big Mole Attack in the Japanese arcade) is an Earth Move Card.



It is the first Attack Move for Earth was the first Earth Move Card created by Sega.

Mole Attack

Mole Attack arcade card (Japanese Gekizan 2nd Edition)

  • Names:
    • Japanese Kanji: 土竜突撃 (Earth Dragon Assault)
    • Taiwanese: 土龍突擊
  • Attribute: Earth
  • Sign: Scissors
  • Power boost: 200 (non-critical); 300 (critical)
  • Technique boost: 50
  • Usage Condition: This Move activates when you win with Scissors.
  • Effect: Burrow underground and strike your opponent from below!



Earth Move Card back

Mole Attack's anime card's front is never seen

  • Attribute: Earth
  • Owner: Rex (D-Team) (never used it), Foolscap (Space Pirates)
  • Used By: Ankylosaurus (both)
  • First Appearance: Dino Snore!
  • Used to Defeat (both): Tank
  • Effect: Burrow underground and strike your opponent from below! The first Ankylosaurus let itself be forced underground to hide the fact it was about to use the Move, but Foolscap's simply dove underground like in the arcade game.
  • Other: It was inside Ankylosaurus' Dinosaur Card Capsule and activated by the same dirt it was. It was later claimed by Rex. Foolscap later used another one to defeat Tank.


Mole Attack TCG Card

Mole Attack TCG card

  • Attribute: Earth
  • Sign: Scissors
  • Card Code: DKCG-126/160, DKJC-0??/100
  • Card Rarity: Common
  • Other: Owing to the known repeats of the Signed Super Moves in later waves, Mole Attack is expected to have been rereleased with new art in the Jurassic Clash booster, but the card isn't known.
  • Effect:
+1000; (Only a Scissors Earth Dinosaur can use this Move.)


  • In the anime, it can be used either to attack your opponent or as an escape mechanism to help evade their attack.
  • Both the wild and Foolscap's Ankylosaurus used this Move Card to defeat Tank.
  • Artwork from one of its various arcade cards is seen on the TCG Move Card Rumbling Roll.


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