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Move Cards are special cards that can boost your dinosaur's attack and defense, as well as unleash a special attack that can give you a huge advantage in battle!

All links to cards are from Card List (arcade). Please note that these are only the anime, arcade, and (some) DS Move Cards. DS-only Move Cards are found at DS Game Move Cards, and TCG-only Move Cards are found at TCG Move Cards.

About Move Cards

There are two main types of Move Cards: Normal Moves and Super Moves. Normal Move Cards can be used by all dinosaurs, but don't have as much of an effect as Super Move Cards. Super Move Cards can only be used by dinosaurs of the same Element, but they are very powerful. Many of the Trading Card Game and DS Game Moves use different names than the anime and arcade's.


In the arcade, Move Cards are one of 3 card types alongside Dinosaur and Character. Some aspect of them, typically in the border, is the color of their Element (orange for Normal). Each dinosaur can be equipped with up to three Move Cards, one from each Sign, be they Normal or Super. Move Cards activate under specific conditions, normally being triggered by a win, loss, or tie, sometimes at a particular Sign, and sometimes only under that condition while also after a win, loss, or tie the previous round. They can give either extra damage, status effects, or both, or even alter gameplay for the round.

The arcade game is the standard for Move Cards on this page and Wiki. Most Moves have multiple iterations of their card based on how many waves they were released in, but differ only in artwork. Owing to this, they are the only Move Card group without a standard appearance, and the only one that can have landscape orientation.


In the anime, Move Cards are one of 2 card types alongside Dinosaur. The body of the cards are a pale orange color. They can be activated alongside wild dinosaurs' cards by the environment and wind up "inside" the dinosaur to be used whenever desired. They can also be swiped/placed on a device that has summoned a dinosaur to have them use it at any point, even when not in a battle. They were first created before the events of the series by Dr. Z to make dinosaurs even more powerful during his initial (unsuccessful) campaign to create a dinosaur kingdom.

The anime contains many but not all Move Cards from the arcade game, though sometimes with different names. Very few of the Moves in the anime ever have their front artwork seen, instead only showing the Element-based card backs for ease of animation.


In the TCG, Move Cards are one of 3 card types alongside Dinosaur and Character. They feature pale orange headings and tabs. It is suggested they comprise about half of a player's deck. They are used during battles to boost a Dinosaur's Power to win the match-up; players can choose not to use one, but they have only one chance to play it. Most Moves have abilities in addition to the Power boost. They are sent to the discard pile after one use. Only specific Move Cards have Signs, and only Dinosaurs with that Sign can use them.

The TCG contains several of the Move Cards from the arcade and/or anime, but it also contains many times more, each new booster pack featuring dozens of new Moves, roughly none of which ever repeat. "New" TCG Moves almost always reuse artwork from some arcade card or a scene from the anime.

DS Game

In the DS Game, Move Cards work much like they do in the arcade game, though sometimes with different names. Many Moves have their animations recycled directly from the arcade game; there also appear to be "reskinned" Moves given new names as alternate or stronger versions of arcade Moves (Thunder Tail is Tail Smash with electricity added, etc.).

Move Cards appear to be inherently equipped to dinosaurs with limited customization, and they gain access to new and stronger Moves as they level up, the player likely needing to replace the Moves in their Sign slots as new ones become available or pass on gaining them, similar to Pokémon games. Each dinosaur has MP that using Move Cards depletes by various amounts depending on the Move, but it regenerates as the turns go on; if a Move requires more MP than is available, its Rock-Paper-Scissors symbol will be gray on the attack screen and it can't be used (it's unclear if the Sign can be used to attack or not, but the Move definitely won't activate).

As the game is digital, they do not have actual collectible cards.

This Wiki has limited knowledge in general on the DS Game. If you can provide more, please do so.

Normal Move Cards

List of Super Move Cards

For Super Move Cards, there are six notable types divided by when and how they activate (names are descriptive and unofficial). In this list, Fire Moves will be used as examples.

  • Attack Move: The base Super Moves with a simple usage condition, replacing the normal attack. There are three of this type per Element, one for each sign. Example: Fire Bomb activates when the player wins with its sign, Scissors. Swiping this type of Move can boost a dinosaur's Power (health) by 300 or 200 depending of if it is given to their Critical Move or not, respectively, and can boost their Technique by 50.
  • After-effect Move: Moves that activate after the player wins. Each attribute has two of this type. Example: Volcano Burst activates after the player wins with any sign.
  • Special attack Move: Attack Moves with a special usage condition. Each attribute has two of this type. Example: Magma Blaster activates when the player wins with Rock after a loss. Swiping this type of Move can boost a dinosaur's Technique by 100, but the Power boost is different for each Element (as seen in the lists below).
  • After-loss Move: Move that activate after the player loses. There is only one of this type per attribute. Example: Death Fire activates when the player wins with any sign after a loss that causes an elemental cataclysm.
  • Tie-attack Move: Moves that activate after the player ties with low damage. This type of Move also have after-effect like more damage after activated (Heat Eruption), sealed the technique of opponent (Ocean Panic), lower opponent's defense power (Plasma Anchor) and swap opponent's HP (Green Impulse). There is only one of this type per attribute. Example: Heat Eruption activates sometimes when the player ties with any sign.
  • Non-sign Move: Moves that automatically become the Move for the dinosaur's critical sign. When the move occured in the arcade, you need to press the buttons show in the screen to keep the move activates. Otherwise, the move cannot completely finished. Example: Crimson Flame activates when the player wins with the dinosaur's sign.

According to Japanese official gameplay tips, dinosaurs with higher Technique (usually more than 1000) can easily use After-effect and After-loss Moves. If a dinosaur become its Super form, it can also easily use After-effect Move.


Crimson Flare

Crimson Flare





NoonFF - Prosaurolophus

NoonFF - Prosaurolophus

Prosaurolophus uses Two Platoon Crush, Big Foot Assault, and Green Impulse


Secret Dinosaurs

Each Secret Dinosaur has its own 3 unique Super Moves, one for each Sign; the only exception is Eoraptor. In the arcade, they are equipped by swiping a Normal Move of that Sign which notes a suggested Technique; in the anime, they are inherent abilities of the dinosaurs, though few are shown to have all three; they do not exist in the TCG, Secret Dinosaurs instead being able to use all Super Moves.

Other Move Cards

Spectral Moves

The Spectral Space Pirates (Zanjark) have dinosaurs that can use a unique Move that doesn't require a card. In the arcade, they fall under the same category as DinoTector Ultimate Moves.

Fusion Moves

Main article: Move Cards/Fusion

There are special Fusion Moves that are produced by crossing Elements, such as using two different Super Move Cards to create a new powerful Move. Though absent from the arcade game, as you can only control one dinosaur at a time, they exist in the DS and TCG, and several are seen in the anime, though only one there is given a unique name.