Move Cards

Move Card samples

Move Cards are special cards that can boost your dinosaur's attack and defense, as well as unleash a special attack that can give you a huge advantage in battle!

All links to cards are from Card List (arcade). Please note that these are only the anime, arcade and (some) DS Move Cards. DS-only Move Cards are found at DS Game Move Cards, and TCG-only Move Cards are found at TCG Move Cards.

About Move Cards

There are Normal Move Cards and Super Move Cards. Normal Move Cards can be used by all dinosaurs, but don't have as much of an effect as Super Move Cards. Super Move Cards can only be used by dinosaurs that match its Element, but they are very powerful. Many of the Trading Card Game and DS Game Moves use different names than the anime and arcade's.

Normal Move Cards

List of Super Move Cards


Crimson Flare

Crimson Flare





NoonFF - Prosaurolophus01:19

NoonFF - Prosaurolophus

Prosaurolophus uses Two Platoon Crush, Big Foot Assault, and Green Impulse


DS Game Move Cards

DS Game Move Cards

TCG Move Cards

TCG Move Cards

Secret Dinosaurs

Each Secret Dinosaur has its own 3 unique Super Moves. The only known exception is Eoraptor.

Other Move Cards

Spectral Moves

The Spectral Space Pirates (Zanjark) have dinosaurs that can use a unique move that doesn't require a card and can be used repeatedly.

Fusion Moves

There are Fusion Moves that involve using two different Super Move Cards to create one powerful Move. Though absent from the arcade game, as you can only control one dinosaur at a time, they exist in the DS and TCG, and a number are seen in the anime, though only one there is given a unique name.

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