Neck Crusher is a Normal Move Card.


Neck Crusher

Neck Crusher arcade card (Japanese Kakushin 4th Edition)

  • Attribute: Normal
  • Sign: Paper

Anime Stats Edit

  • Attribute: Normal


  • Although the actual Neck Crusher Move Card is first used against Carcharodontosaurus, Terry first performs an attack similar to Neck Crusher against Tank in Tanks a Lot!, though without a Move Card.
  • It can also be used to throw one dinosaur onto another one, like it was with Styracosaurus and Paris; both times Terry launched Chomp, and both times the other dinosaur was the one to be defeated.
  • In the arcade game, a Dinosaur must win at Paper to use this Move, and needs at least 200 Technique to use it to full effect (thereby indicating those with 1800-2000 Power).
  • Though the Move is called "Neck" Crusher, many (if not most) of the dinosaurs it was used on in the anime were instead hit on the back or somewhere else on the body, like Chomp in Maui Owie! and Child's Play, and Ace in Falls Alarm!.
    • However, Chomp's situation (or with any Lightning dinosaur) would make sense since it would be almost impossible for the attacker to time and strike the area (neck) protected by the frill of the ceratopsians.


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