Ocean Panic is a Water Move Card.


Water Move Card Ocean Panic

Ocean Panic card

TCG LoresEdit

+800; If your opponent's Dinosaur in this battle is a Fire Dinosaur and you lose, negate any of your opponent's Dinosaur and Move special abilities that happen after the battle. (This means effects that say "If you win," "If you lose," or "After this battle" don't happen.)


Mesozoic MeltdownEdit

Their card was first used by Foolscap for his Jobaria to attack and drown Spiny in the Caribbean Islands, but he countered it with Futaba Super Cannon, summoning Futabasaurus. They followed and tried to attack Futabasaurus underwater, but he eventually lured them back to the surface into the path of Ultimate Water, allowing Spiny to defeat them and Jobaria at once. Their card, along with Jobaria's card, was reclaimed by Zoe with an extendable pincher (Ursula protested, claiming her victory made the cards hers).


  • Artwork from one of its various arcade cards is seen on the TCG Move Card Aquatic Harpoon.
  • In the arcade game, this Move somtimes activates after a tie.
  • When used in the arcade, the enemy falls into a suddenly-appeared water hole in the ground and ends up in a deep sea of water as if the battle had been taking place on a thin layer of dirt and rock over an underground body of water. As it is only used in the open ocean in the anime, it is unclear if that version carries the same effect.
    • The Arcade animation's logic of having an underwater location under the battlefield signifies that the battlefield has layers of terrain similar to a hypothesis of the planet Europa, which is believed to have an ocean beneath a layer of ice. Even so, this can be overlooked.


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