General StatisticsEdit


full-sized Pachyrhinosaurus

Dinosaur King StatisticsEdit

Pachyrhinosaurus card

Pachyrhinosaurus card

Move CardsEdit

Anhanguera Dive
Summons Anhanguera to attack Pachyrhinosaurus' foe. It defeated Ace, but Paris countered it with Green Impulse's Tupuxuara.

TCG LoresEdit

Power Shield (Pachyrhinosaurus from DKCG)
If you have 2 other Lightning dinosaurs in play when this Dinosaur loses a battle, you lose 1 less life point from that battle.
Spirited Stun (Pachyrhinosaurus from SAS)
During your turn, you can discard 1 card. If your do, choose 1 of your opponent's Dinosaurs: it loses all of its abilities until the end of your turn. You can only use this ability once per turn.
Fusion Shock (Snow-Peak Pachyrhinosaurus)
When this Dinosaur uses a Fusion Move and wins the battle, your opponent can't Dino Slash any more Dinosaurs this turn.
Lightning Barrier (Grazing Pachyrhinosaurus)
While you have a Dinosaur with "Chomp" in its name in play, neither player can Dino Slash level 6 or higher Dinosaurs.
Mortal Discharge (Spectral Armor Pachyrhinosaurus)
When this Dinosaur attacks, you can pay 2 Life Points. If you do, the opposing Dinosaur loses 300 Power during the battle.


Mesozoic MeltdownEdit

He was first summoned by Foolscap in Desert Heat to attack the D-Team when Foolscap thought they had the Red Cosmos Stone. He quickly knocked Chomp away, and when Ace was summoned, he fought in his Spectral Armor form against him. He then used Anhanguera Dive to defeat Ace. However, Paris was then summoned and used Green Impulse to counter the Anhanguera with Tupuxuara, allowing Zoe to defeat and reclaim the card. Chomp then used Ultimate Thunder to defeat Pachyrhinosaurus. His card was reclaimed by Max.


  • Despite being portrayed with a large, sharp, bony protrusion on its nose, in reality, Pachyrhinosaurus would only have had a flat, maybe rough, slightly raised bony pad (as seen in the skeleton image in the Gallery below).
    • This may be due to many Lightning Moves requiring large, pointed nose horns to use, which Pachyrhinosaurus didn't have. However, Achelousaurus, another ceratopsian without a nose horn, wasn't changed.
  • Unlike every other non-main dinosaur in the TCG, Pachyrhinosaurus has 2 different versions of its regular TCG card with different abilities. One is in the original Base Set (DKCG), and the other is in the Spectral Armor Shock deck (SAS).


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