Spectral Armor Rajasaurus is an armored version of Rajasaurus used by the Space Pirates when under their control.


Rajasaurus (Spectral Armor) 2

Spectral Armor Rajasaurus

Move CardsEdit

Blazing Spin Attack
Rajasaurus bit into Chomp and swung him around several times, then threw him into the orphanage's tower. It was the only time Blazing Spin Attack was successfully used in the anime (Rod attempted to use it with Terry in Carnival of Chaos, but he was interrupted by Helga's arrival).


Mesozoic MeltdownEdit

Sheer used this form to counter Chomp. The two battled, repeatedly throwing each other into the orphanage. It his Chomp with a powerful Blazing Spin Attack, but was defeated by Lightning Strike, destroying its Spectral Armor. It could be activated by putting a black and white version of its card on Sheer's Dino Holder. It appears in French Conniption in the castle and at the orphanage.


  • This is one of only three Spectral Armor Dinosaurs in the anime to not appear in the TCG, so many of its stats are unknown (the others are Deinonychus and Ankylosaurus).


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