General StatisticsEdit


full-sized Saltasaurus

  • Name: Saltasaurus loricatus
  • Name Meaning: Lizard from Salta
  • Diet: Herbivore
  • Size: 12 meters (40 feet)
  • Time Period: Late Cretaceous
  • Classification: Titanosauria --> Saltasauridae --> Saltasaurinae
  • Place Found: South America
  • Describer: Bonaparte & Powell, 1980

Dinosaur King StatisticsEdit

Arcade StatsEdit

Saltasaurus card

Saltasaurus arcade card (Taiwanese 2008 Special Edition)


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Anime StatsEdit


Saltasaurus anime card

  • Attribute: Water
  • Owner: Wild, Max Taylor (D-Team)
  • Debut: Bungle in the Jungle
    • Appeared In: 4, 20 (flashback), 27, 36 (dream), 50, 68
  • Dinosaurs Defeated: Spiny, Chomp (exhausted from battle)
  • Other: It was the first wild dinosaur caught by the D-Team, and the first dinosaur featured to not become a main dinosaur.

TCG StatsEdit


Saltasaurus TCG card

Saltasaurus TCG card

  • Attribute: Water
  • Sign: Scissors
  • Power: 1400
  • Level: 3
  • Life: 2
  • Card Code: DKCG-020/160
  • Card Rarity: Common
  • Image From: cropped Geki 1st arcade card
  • Abilities:
When you Dino Slash this Dinosaur from your hand, you can discard 1 card and then draw 1 card.

Jungle SaltasaurusEdit

Saltasaurus-Jungle TCG Card

Jungle Saltasaurus TCG card

  • Attribute: Water
  • Sign: Paper
  • Power: 1500
  • Level: 3
  • Life: 2
  • Card Code: DKAA-012/100
  • Card Rarity: Common
  • Image From: Ep. 4 anime scene
  • Flavor Text: The Saltasaurus was fairly small compared to other sauropods like the Titanosaurus, but it was still almost 40 feet long! It had bony plates on its back that were similar to the ones on the Ankylosaurus.

Hammerer SaltasaurusEdit


Hammerer Saltasaurus TCG card (French)

  • Attribute: Water
  • Sign: Scissors
  • Power: 1400
  • Level: 3
  • Life: 2
  • Card Code: SAS-012/100
  • Card Rarity: Common
  • Image From: (new art)
  • Abilities:
[Heart of the Melee]
When this Dinosaur uses a regular Move and wins the battle, you can discard 1 card. If you do, return 1 regular Move from your discard pile to your hand.


Dinosaur KingEdit

Saltasaurus' card was activated in the Amazon Rain Forest by rain during a storm. It chased after a lizard it saw, thinking it to be one of its own kind. The D-Team found it, but had to run when it wandered right at them. Then Spiny was summoned to fight it; he proved ineffective against Saltasaurus' back armor until he used Tail Smash, but the Alpha Gang had neglected to feed Spiny, and he was weak enough to be easily defeated by exhaustion. It again followed the lizard, now hitching a ride with an unsuspecting Max, and cornered him against a waterfall. A missing Chomp reappeared in time to fight Saltasaurus, having the same trouble against its armor but managing to defeat it with Electric Charge before collapsing from exhaustion himself. The card was claimed by Rex and given to Max.

Another Saltasaurus is briefly seen in the Alpha Gang's dinosaur amusement park in Carnival of Chaos. Due to being unfed, its control device malfunctioned and it got loose like the rest of the dinosaurs, but was returned to its card by the pet-size Chomp knocking the device off.

Mesozoic MeltdownEdit

A recolored wild Saltasaurus is briefly seen in the Cretaceous Period in Alien Parent Trap when the meteor crashes down.

The D-Teams' parents later released a Saltasaurus on the Space Pirates' ship along with several other dinosaurs to distract a group of Gel Jarks so that they could escape.


  • Dr. Taylor claims that Saltasaurus chased the lizard because its name meant "lizard from Salta", meaning that it was a lizard, too. Although that is what its Latin name is derived from, any real paleontologist would know that dinosaurs and lizards were in actuality hardly related except for both being reptiles.
  • In the Japanese official website, Saltasaurus's roar is used as Camarasaurus's sound in the painting game in Kyoryu King.
  • Saltasaurus has the same English dub roar as many other sauropods: Amargasaurus, Seismosaurus, and Shunosaurus.


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