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Some scientists consider this dinosaur to be a species of Allosaurus, though there is a strong case for it being a distinct genus.

General StatisticsEdit


full-sized Saurophaganax

  • Name: Saurophaganax maximus
  • Name Meaning: Lizard-Eating Master
  • Diet: Carnivore
  • Length: 12-13 meters (40-43 feet)
  • Time Period: Late Jurassic
  • Classification: Allosauroidea --> Allosauridae
  • Place Found: Morrison Formation, USA
  • Discoverer: Chure, 1995

Dinosaur King StatisticsEdit

Saurophaganax card

Saurophaganax card

Move CardsEdit

Magma Blaster
Saurophaganax collects fire in its mouth, then shoots it off as a beam. This is Saurophaganax's original move.
Fire Scorcher (Death Fire)
A huge fiery meteor is formed, obliterating anything in its path. Saurophaganax was altered to be able to use this move.

TCG LoresEdit

Fusion Bite
When this Dinosaur uses a Fusion Move and wins the battle, your opponent loses 2 extra Life Points.
Dark Bite (City Stalker Saurophaganax)
When this Dinosaur attacks, it gains the ability [Bite: 3] until the end of the battle (When this Dinosaur wins a battle, your opponent loses 3 extra Life Points).


Dinosaur KingEdit

His card was, along with his Move card, activated in Oklahoma, USA. It chased a herd of cattle thinking it was food, defeating Spiny with Magma Blaster when it ran into the Alpha Gang. Saurophaganax rampaged through the town, but Max challenged him to a battle, using Chomp. Just like in the movies, he used Magma Blaster at the moment Chomp used Lightning Strike, but they both dodged it. He charged him, but Chomp managed to knock him down. Unfortunately Rod and Laura entered the battle with Terry and Tank from behind, smashing him to the ground. Ace and Paris tried to rescue him, but Terry blocked their moves with Critical Block, After that he used Volcano Burst, to defeat Saurophaganax. Max tried to get the cards, but Rod claimed the card and Laura the Move card.

Later Seth claimed it and experimented on it, altering it to let it use Fire Scorcher.  In Full Scheme Ahead, Seth uses it when he broke ranks with the Alpha Gang. He fought against Spiny and Tank, but defeated them with the move. When the D-Team summoned their dino's to attack him, he used the move again to beat them as well. In the next episode, Saurophaganax is used to fight against Tank, smashing him to a wall. Even when Ampelosaurus entered the battle, using Aqua Vortex he defeat them and the Alpha Gang again with Fire Scorcher. In One Final Move, he was summoned to stop the D-Team, after they retrieved their dinoholders, but was knocked down by Terry. However, he managed to defeat him with Fire Scorcher. Chomp and Ace attacked them with Thunder Bazooka and Cyclone, but it had little effect. He used Fire Scorcher again, but Ace dodged the move. Then they combine their attacks to make a Fusion Move (Thunder Storm Bazooka) which finally defeats Saurophaganax, allowing Max to reclaim the card. In Dinosaur War!, Dr. Z uses Saurophaganax to fight against the Black Tyrannosaurus, but after Dr Z. felt down,  Dr Taylor let him use Magma Blaster, as part of a fushion move that helped to defeat Black Tyrannosaurus

Mesozoic MeltdownEdit

A wild Saurophaganax is seen in the Jurassic Period in Bad Deal.

DS GameEdit

After defeating Dr. Z and his Saurophaganax, along with Tyrannosaurus and Mapusaurus, Saurophaganax can be gained by entering a specific code on the Stone Circle.


  • Although Saurophaganax was altered to be able to withstand using Fire Scorcher, its appearance didn't change, unlike other altered dinosaurs (the other exception being the 3 Velociraptors that Seth also altered).
  • Although early estimates at Saurophaganax's size claimed it to be up to 50 feet long (as portrayed in Dinosaur King), recent estimates have shown it to be closer to 40-43 feet long.
  • It is one of the few dinosaurs in the anime to activate or appear in the state or country that its fossils were discovered in.



Dinosaur King Arcade Battle Scene Saurophaganax The Assassin to tyrant01:33

Dinosaur King Arcade Battle Scene Saurophaganax The Assassin to tyrant

Saurophaganax in the arcade game

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