The Spectral Space Pirates

The Spectral Space Pirates (宇宙海賊ザンジャーク Space Pirates Zanjaku) are the main antagonists in the second series. The members are Spectre (Jark), Gavro (Gunenco), Foolscap (Zapper), Sheer (Mihasa), and Seth (Nopis), also being served by the Gel Jarks. They can travel throughout space and time using their ship. They kidnap the parents of the D-Team and gather dinosaur cards to aid them in their search for the Cosmos Stones. The main five dinosaurs that are used (all near the finale) are Gigas (Gavro), Armatus (Foolscap), Maximus (Sheer), Brontosaurus (Spectre), and Cryolophosaurus (Seth).
Spectral Space Pirate Symbol

Space Pirate symbol

In the arcade game, there was another member, Goma, who is Spectre's son. He does not make an appearance or receive a mention in the anime, however.


The Spectral Space Pirates want to obtain the 7 Cosmos Stones: Yellow, Blue, Purple, White, Green, Red, and Black. These Stones will allow them, once combined, to control space and time, pretty much making them the controllers of everything.

Spectral Space Pirates' DinosaursEdit

Spectral Space Pirates' Dinosaurs

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