General StatisticsEdit


full-sized Suchomimus

  • Name: Suchomimus tenerensis
  • Name Meaning: Crocodile Mimic
  • Diet: Carnivore/Piscivore
  • Length: 11 meters (36 feet)
  • Height: 3,5 meters (11 feet)
  • Weight: 3 tons
  • Time Period: Early/Middle Cretaceous
  • Classification: Megalosauroidea --> Spinosauridae --> Baryonychinae
  • Place Found: Niger
  • Discoverers: Sereno, Beck, Dutheil, Gado, Larsson, Lyon, Marcot, Rauhut, Sadleir, Sidor, Varricchio, Wilson 1, Wilson 2; 1998.

Dinosaur King StatisticsEdit

Suchomimus card

Suchomimus arcade card (Japanese Gekizan 2nd Edition)

  • Attribute: Water
  • Power: 1400
    • TCG: 1500
  • Technique: 700
  • Sign: Scissors
    • TCG: Rock
  • Arcade Nickname:
    • Japanese: 水辺のスナイパー (Waterside Sniper)
    • English: The Shore Sniper
  • Owner: Rex Owen (D-Team)
  • Name: Smith (スミス Sumisu) (Dainason)
  • Debut Episode: Alpha Bets It All
  • Appeared In: Monaco
  • Other: In the DS Game, Suchomimus was turned into Alpha Suchomimus by Dr. Z. It was given to Seth so he could beat the player.

TCG LoresEdit

Super Bonus (Swift Suchomimus)
When this Dinosaur uses a Super Move and wins the battle, draw 1 card.
Spring of Hope: 1 (Pouncing Suchomimus)
When this Dinosaur loses a battle, draw 1 card.


Its card was activated in Monaco, where it was mistaken for a sea monster by the local fishermen because it liked eating the fish they caught. It is one of the fastest dinosaurs in the series, staying in the lead in a race against Spiny and Ace dubbed the "Dinosaur Grand Prix" by the fisherman driving the truck full of fish they were chasing, a pun on the Monaco Grand Prix, a car race that is a tradition there. It nearly defeated Ace (because he was tired out during the race), but was kicked away and defeated by Cyclone, allowing Rex to claim its card.

The Alpha Gang used another one in an amusement park in Carnival of Chaos to raise funds, but it went berserk along with the others due to lack of food, and was beaten by Paris when she removed its control device; it returned to its card and was retrieved by an Alpha Droid.

Another was briefly seen in Metal Imbalance along with the other dinosaurs in Max's dream saying, "Please save us."


  • Dr. Taylor's arcade comments
    • Japanese: 魚を食べていたと言われている肉食恐竜だ。とても細長い顔がとくちょうだ。
    • English: A carnivore that eats mostly fish. It has a very narrow face.


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