These are the Dinosaurs that appear only in the TCG. For a complete list of all dinosaurs in Dinosaur King (minus those here under the heading "Alternate Dinosaurs"), see List of Dinosaur Cards.

Altered DinosaursEdit

Alpha DinosaursEdit

Arrhinoceratops Alpha TCG Card

Alpha Arrhinoceratops TCG Card

The TCG has two Alpha Dinosaurs of each Element (1 for Fire) that are not seen anywhere else.

Black DinosaursEdit

Saichania Black TCG Card (foreign)

Black Saichania TCG Card

Other than the Black T-Rex, all Black Dinosaurs are TCG-only.

Armored DinosaursEdit

There is only 1 Armored Dinosaur that appears only in the TCG.

Alternate DinosaursEdit

These are the alternately-named dinosaurs whose stats differ from the regular dinosaur's. (Those marked with an * are names translated from French-only cards, and so might vary.)


Alioramus-Roaring TCG Card (French)

Roaring Alioramus TCG Card


Camarasaurus-Majestic TCG Card

Majestic Camarasaurus TCG Card


Pachyrhinosaurus-Snow-Peak TCG Card

Snow-Peak Pachyrhinosaurus TCG Card


Grazing Tarchia TCG card

Grazing Tarchia TCG Card


Corythosaurus-Twilight TCG Card (French)

Twilight Corythosaurus TCG Card


Allosaurus-City Stalker TCG Card

City Stalker Allosaurus TCG Card

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