Takeda (武田) was the main enemy of Shogun Tokugawa during the Ancient Japan arc of Mesozoic Meltdown. He is voiced by Sean Schemmel.

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Before the events of Two Shoguns Are Better Than One, he sent the kunoichi (female ninjas) after Tokugawa so that they could learn the location of the Half-Moon Stone, which was later found to be the White Cosmos Stone. During Dinosaurs, Ninjas and Bears! Oh My!, his army confronted Tokugawa's forces (who were being led by Dr. Drake in place of the Shogun). Though his army chased their enemies off the battlefield in There's No Business Like Shogun Business, they retreated when the heard the news: after Sheer and the kunoichi had retrieved the Cosmos Stone, Takeda had foolishly picked it up in his bare hand, and suffered terrible (and unspecified) consequences as a result.


  • He was one of two characters to touch a Cosmos Stone with their bare hand. The other was Spartacus with the Yellow Cosmos Stone, though he was somehow immune to its negative effects and was able to use its power in battle. Its likely possible that only the purest of heart can touch a Cosmos Stone.
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