Technique is an arcade game mechanic.


Kentrosaurus card

Kentrosaurus arcade card, 700 Technique

A dinosaur's Technique determines how effectively it can utilize the power of its Move Card. Though the specific coding mechanics are uncertain, most Move Cards' attacks will be stronger the higher a dinosaur's Technique is. A collection of 9 Normal Move Cards make particular use of Technique, three for each Sign following this pattern: the Move is best used by a dinosaur with approximately either 200, 500, or 800 Technique depending on the Move; dinosaurs with less Technique only have a weak effect from the Move, and those with higher Technique than needed actually use it slightly weaker than ideal, but still stronger than if they had less Technique.

Technique typically ranges from 0 to 1100. Technique and Power/Strength are often inversely related, minimum of one alongside maximum of the other. This means that the larger, more "tank"-like dinosaurs with more health and higher Attack use Move Cards less effectively, and smaller weaker dinosaurs are hard hitters with Moves. The Normal Move Technique Boost can be used to increase a dinosaur's Technique, and some Moves decrease the opponent's Technique after a successful hit.

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