Tornado Toss is a Wind Move Card.



Tornado Toss arcade card (Japanese Kakushin 5th Edition)

  • Attribute: Wind
  • Sign: Paper
  • Owner: Gavro (Space Pirates)
  • Used by: Afrovenator
  • First Appearance: The 39 Thieves
  • Used to Defeat: Spiny
  • Usage Condition: You have to win with Paper to use this Move.
  • Effect: Run around your opponent extremely fast, creating a whirling tornado vortex that lifts your opponent off the ground and throws them into the air! Because it was used in a cave in the anime, Spiny was thrown into the ceiling of the cave before crashing back down.
  • Other: Gavro used it for Afrovenator to defeat Spiny. It was the last new Wind Move in the anime.

TCG LoresEdit

+1000; (Only a Paper Wind Dinosaur can use this Move.)


  • Artwork from its various arcade cards is also seen on the TCG Move Cards Vanquishing Vortex and Twisting Tornado.
  • It is the only Wind Move that wasn't used by Ace during the series.


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