Some scientists (starting in 2010) consider Torosaurus fossils to simply represent mature Triceratops after their frills had extended, but later research (2011 and 2012) seems to prove otherwise.

General StatisticsEdit


full-sized Torosaurus

Dinosaur King StatisticsEdit

Torosaurus card

Torosaurus card

  • Attribute: Lightning
  • Power: 1600
    • TCG: 1800
  • Technique: 600
  • Sign: Rock
    • TCG: Scissors
  • Arcade Nickname:
    • Japanese: 長大ちょうだいな盾 (Grown Neck Frill)
    • English: The Massive Shield
  • Altered Forms: Super Torosaurus
  • Owner: Max Taylor (D-Team) Rod (DS game)
  • Location: Kenya
  • First Appearance: Rhino or Dino?
  • Dinosaurs Defeated: Terry (with Chomp)

Move CardsEdit

Lightning Strike
Shoot lightning from your horns at your opponent! It combined its Lightning Strike with Chomp's to defeat Terry.

TCG LoresEdit

You cannot Dino Slash this Dinosaur unless you already have 2 Dinosaur in play.
Recharge (Wandering Torosaurus)
Instead of attacking with this Dinosaur, you can let 1 of your other Lightning Dinosaurs in play attack again this turn.
Stun (Wandering Torosaurus)
Dinosaurs that battle with this Dinosaur lose all their abilities during the battle, and any effects from those abilities after the battle are negated.
Pack Stun (Energetic Torosaurus)
As long as you have a level 7 Dinosaur in play, this Dinosaur gains [Stun]. (Dinosaurs that battle with this Dinosaur lose all their abilities during the battle, and any effects from those abilities after the battle are negated.)


It was activated by sparks from a broken lamp after a rhino attacked Ungaro's tent, but the poacher mistook it for a large rhino itself. He fought Spiny with Ace before running off with Chomp, as the two belong to closely related species. He later fought against Terry to defend Chomp while Chomp was in his chibi mode. Paris was then summoned to fight with him against Terry and Spiny. When Terry tried to attack Paris, Torosaurus hit him, but was swung into Chomp. He was nearly beaten by Terry, until Chomp arrived to save him. He combined his Lightning Strike with Chomp's and defeated Terry. Despite that the fact that Terry was defeated, he had managed to weaken Torosaurus, making him revert to his card out of exhaustion. His card, along with his Move Card, was claimed by Max.

Mesozoic MeltdownEdit

A Torosaurus is seen in a glass dome cage on the Space Pirate's ship, and is later rescued (or at least discovered) by Dr. Z.


  • Torosaurus' roar is a combination of Paris' and Chomp's, mixed in with other stock roars.
  • He is the only Lightning Dinosaur in the anime to use a Lightning Move other than Chomp (Styracosaurus's card was separated from Lightning Spear before it was activated, Anchiceratops and others used Normal Moves, and Maximus's Spectral Punisher was an ability of his Spectral Armor without a true Element).


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