Although they are the same species, Chomp, Maximus, and Triceratops all have different pages.

While there used to be many named species of Triceratops, only two (T. horridus and T. prorsus) are today considered valid. Diceratops (now known as "Nedoceratops") is sometimes considered to be the same creature, and Torosaurus was recently suggested as representing mature Triceratops, but newer evidence seems to disagree. Both claims are highly controversial.

General StatisticsEdit


full-sized Triceratops

Dinosaur King StatisticsEdit

Triceratops card

Triceratops arcade card (Japanese Gekizan 3rd Edition)

TCG LoresEdit

Magnetic Field (Serene Triceratops)
While this Dinosaur is attacking, all Super Moves in play lose all abilities.


  • A herd of wild Triceratops appear in Alien Parent Trap during the Cretaceous Period. Although their colors are dulled and faded, they still obviously aren't intended to have the same color scheme as the arcade version of Triceratops.
  • Although a Super Dinosaur typically has the same Power and twice the Technique of its regular form, the stats of Triceratops and Super Triceratops are seemingly unrelated. On the backs of Super Triceratops arcade cards, there are images of a yellow/orange Triceratops (who isn't Chomp) with the appropriate numbers of points compared to the Super form.
    • This is because Triceratops wasn't one of the original "top level" (2000 Power) arcade dinosaurs along with the other main dinosaurs' species, that place instead belonging to Styracosaurus, which wasn't given a Super Form.
  • According to one of the original Japanese websites, the species is called T. elatus, which is a former species now considered synonymous with T. horridus.
  • In the arcade game, it is the default dinosaur used if a player did not own/bring his/her own cards.


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