Dinosaurking - Dilophosaurus Description

Each dinosaur in the Arcade Game has its own Type. Types can be thought as perks for each dinosaur. Every once in a while, the Arcade will have updates relating to this specification of a dinosaur.

The image on the right shows the introduction of a dinosaur before battle. Notice the Type Section on the top right corner.

In the Arcade Game, it can be noted that there are version changes. The following only shows the Types found on the all language versions of Dinosaur King in the world. Since Japan received much more updates than other nations' versions, they have gained newer Types.

Original TypesEdit

Description Exclusive? (Exclusive) Example
Attack Higher power in Moves, and a stronger Critical Move. No Einiosaurus
Tie Gets lower damage during a tie. No Lambeosaurus
Defense Lower power in Moves, but has more health. No Dilophosaurus

New TypesEdit

These types appeared when the 3rd update of the Arcade Game was released.

Description Exclusive? (Exclusive) Example
Counter The Dinosaur will become stronger after a loss. No Corythosaurus
Blitz If any button is pressed at the 10 second count, then the dinosaur's strength will be boosted. No Deltadromeus
Crisis The dinosaur will become stronger when it has low energy. No Altirhinus
Hunter Moves become more powerful once the opponent has a weaker health level than the player's dinosaur. No Ampelosaurus
Charge The opponent receives more damage than normal in a tie (Tie Attack can, perhaps, boost this effect). No Yangchuanosaurus
Heroic The sign that can be beaten by the opponent's Critical Move is stronger than other moves. No Tarchia
Death Allows the usage of Death Fire when energy is low without using its card. Yes Black Tyrannosaurus
Revival Can be revived once if death occurred in a tie, the energy revived is the minimum amount of energy possible. Yes Saurolophus (Fossil Card)
Poison The dinosaur has a chance to poison their opponent, taking a small chunk of their health. The poison effect will reside after three rounds. This effect will not kill the opponent, instead stopping once the opponent is at minimum health.

This effect is similar to Venom Fang, and can be negated by recovery moves.

Yes Super Alpha Allosaurus


These types only available in later Japanese gameplay.

Description Exclusive? (Exclusive) Example
Reform Information losing No Megalosaurus(Gekizan 1st Edition)
Tie Defense No Apatosaurus(Gekizan 3rd Edition)
Recovery No Spectral Armor Brontikens
Strength No DinoTector Chomp
Lucky 7 No DinoTector Spiny
Will Power No Dinotector Tank
Super Type for all Super Dinosaurs Yes Super Tyrannosaurus
Lethal No Apatosaurus(Kakushin 3rd Edition)
Rock-Rock No Indosuchus
Scissors-Scissors No DinoTector Carnotaurus(Kakushin 6th Edition)
Paper-Paper No Spectral Armor Maximus(Kakushin 6th Edition)
Blunder No Pawpawsaurus(Kakushin 3rd Edition)
Warning No Megalosaurus(Kakuhin 3rd Edition)
Tie Recovery The Dinosaur will gets recovery after a tie. No Eocarcharia


  • Types seem to be assigned to dinosaurs in a pattern. (Tyrannosaurus - Attack, Spinosaurus - Tie, Styracosaurus - Defense, Saichania - Tie, Parasaurolophus - Defense, Carnotaurus - Attack)

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