I found that using Tabs on our Wiki might clear up (what I find to be) some of the cluttered pages. I've seen them on some other Wikis, so I decided that we can give a shot at using them here.

{{Template:Tab/1|Max Taylor}}
gives us:
Max Taylor Story Gallery

The main tab (Max Taylor) would contain the Character Design, Personality, Dinosaurs, and (as of now) Trivia sections. Story would contain the Anime, Manga, and DS Game sections. Gallery is self-explanatory, it holds the images. I'll probably categorize them between Anime, Arcade, and Other; there doesn't seem to be enough manga or DS Game pictures floating around to use them.

Should I make the Trivia section another tab? I know that some of the Trivia sections can get quite lengthy, but I'm not sure if it's necessary or not. It would be good if we were going to add images (such as comparisons between characters, like Seth and Sasuke).

Also, if we want one for dinosaurs, I'll customize it so that it can link to the altered dinosaurs pages if it applies to them (like Parasaurolophus, Super Parasaurolophus, DinoTector Parasaurolophus), and have a Gallery. I think the dinosaurs don't need a separate story tab, we just need to put down important events that happen to them and not every single battle.

Your thoughts?

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