My thousand complaints (and with the people who are at fault):

  1. 50% of the users here don't know how to use a signature on a talk page. Never mind that there's A HUGE BANNER saying how RIGHT ON THE TALK PAGES. GRR!! (yeah, that's to anyone who doesn't know how to post a signature)
  2. Just because I take it off the message doesn't mean THAT YOU CAN POST PICTURES WITH THE WRONG LICENSING!!! GRRR!!! (hello, Ibarber)
  3. Stop posting UNOFFICIAL DAINASON PICS!! WAIT for the OFFICIAL LIST!!!! (that means you, Ibarber, and that IP guy who asked you to)
  4. Stop adding SO MANY DETAILS!!! Just because this is an encyclopedia for DK doesn't mean that we tell the readers EVERY SINGLE LITTLE THING!!* We'll bore the butts off of them!!! (Hola, Newraptor and IP Users ... and myself)

(*Trivia is fine, though. Just don't add too many)

  1. Don't give files HUGE STUPID NAMES!!! Just put something simple, like "Tuojiangosaurus Herd" or "Microraptor" and NOT "This is a Tuojiangosaurus herd that was seen in the Pterosaur Legends" or "Best couple ZoexTravis"!!! And don't go off spewing random names like Travis because there IS no Travis in DK!! (Ibarber ...)
  2. If you're uploading a new version of the Dinosaur Museum, DON'T CHANGE EVERY SINGLE ONE!! (yes, Rex owen, this is to you) 'CUZ IT'S SPAM!!! BECAUSE MOST OTHER FILES AREN'T GONNA BE FULL-SIZED DINOS!!! (which is what we want)
  3. And I should NEVER see anyone put the licensing as SELF unless you're JP:OGFREAK!!!

Have a good day. --DQ13|Dino Queen 14:31, December 24, 2009 (UTC)

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