Total Members (Registered): 103

Members that posted 1+ times: 99

Members that posted 5+ times: 43

Members that posted 10+ times: 24

Members that posted 20+ times: 17

Members that posted 50+ times: 12

Members that posted 100+ times: 7

What?! 19/103 members can post helpful information FIVE TIMES, max. I'm not saying that that's bad, and they have to edit more. I'm saying that it's shocking how many of our members are inactive.

Our top 3 posters (myself, Ibarber, and admin Yellowl) regularly visit. The 4th doesn't have a date to his last login, but the 5th, Narenda, has his last login date set to today. Newraptor, our 6th, last came in July. (Wikia is the seventh, and is always put at the top, although I clearly have more edits than he).

Some of our less-prominent posters still visit regularly, but their failure to edit is a bit ... surprising.

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