• JP:OGFreak

    I've been interested in anime for a while and now it seems I'm losing complete interest. I just now don't like anime/manga and I think it's my time to go. Now bare with me, my LOVE for Paleontology is extremely strong, and that might be the case in which I'm not interested in anime/manga anymore, and I've been trying for a while to keep the interest. It just seems that I can't hold onto more than one big interest. So for all of you who do love Anime/manga, I Respect that and that will not change. I won't be making anymore Chib's anytime soon, as I like making American cartoons better(as it takes me 10 sec. to make one :P) So nobody request me to make any, because I will not make them. It's been a good.......I'd say 4 weeks here and it's be…

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