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  • Max734734

    Well guess I finally decided to make a blog for the wiki, which I'm told doesn't exactly get quite a lot in recent times......But meh, there's no harm in bringing back the blogs eh?

    But anyway, let's get on with it people. Just a thought for everyone here, what was it like when you first found out about this series? 

    For me it was by accident apparently...It was back in December 2009 when I had absolutely nothing to do back home so I decided to flick the channels and suddenly I found a program called 'Dinosaur King'.

    I was like 'meh, let's see what this is all about' and bam! That was how I found about the series. It was until later that I found out that it was a card game......related to Mushiking.

    So since then I've been following the series…

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