Volcano Burst is a Fire Move Card.


Volcano Burst Card 1

Volcano Burst card

TCG LoresEdit

+800; (Only a Fire Dinosaur can use this Move.)


  • The first time Terry uses this Move in the dub, it isn't called by name, having Ursula instead say, "Go, Terry, Fire!", and it is seemingly implied that using it once "used it up" for the battle, though this never seems to be the case later in the series.
  • Twice when Terry tried using this Move, an Ampelosaurus slammed into him, preventing him from using it right.
  • This is the only Move used by all of the Alpha Gang members except Seth (and Helga, of course).
  • There are two ways Terry uses this Move: he either swings the fire in his mouth around and a column of flames erupts under the feet of his opponent (like in the arcade game); or he throws the fire at the ground, where it shoots along in a line, erupting when it reaches his opponent.
  • The final time Terry tried to use this Move wasn't in battle, but was too scare off the bears that had been chasing the Alpha Gang in Mesozoic Meltdown's Ancient Japan Arc, which didn't work, but it did trap Zoe, Tokugawa, and a bear cub in a pile of rocks.
  • Artwork from its various arcade cards is also seen on the TCG Move Cards Lava Storm, Raging Inferno, and Searing Flames, and an anime scene featuring it is seen on Fire Power (though it looks like Burning Dash, as Terry is running with the fire in his mouth).
  • The Arcade animation for this Move depicts the Fire dinosaur blowing fire lightly in its mouth twice, then fire springs up from the opponent's position.
  • In the arcade game, this Move will activate almost at random when you win with any Move button.  It is also used as a "Partner effect" when the 2nd dinosaur (MUST be Fire type) is not fighting. It occurs sometimes whenever the Fire dinosaur's partner (The dinosaur that is fighting) wins. In turn, the effect will benefit the fighting dinosaur.
  • Volcano Burst is the second most used move in the series, a total of 20, and the most used move in Season 1 alongside Lightning Strike, a total of 18, although being used just twice in the second season.


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