General StatisticsEdit

Mammoth toy

Woolly Mammoth toy figure

  • Name: Mammuthus primigenius
  • Name Meaning: Earth Burrower
  • Diet: Herbivore
  • Height: 3 meters (10 feet) at the shoulder
  • Time Period: Late Pleistocene to Holocene
  • Classification: Proboscidea --> Elephantidae
  • Place Found: North America, Russia
  • Describer: Blumenbach, 1799

Dinosaur King StatisticsEdit

Mammoth anime

Woolly Mammoth in episode

  • Attribute: ?
  • Power: ?
  • Technique: ?
  • Sign: ?
  • Appears In: The Search for the Last Cosmos Stone, Dinosaur King toyline
  • Other: It seemingly appears as toy #37 in the Dinosaur King toyline created by Sega. [1]


Dinosaur King: Mesozoic MeltdownEdit

Mammoth skeleton anime

Woolly Mammoth, several thousand years later

A woolly mammoth in the prehistoric Stone Age swallows the Black Cosmos Stone in episode 77 after the Stone gets ejected from the erupting volcano. Upon Max realizing that he and his father had excavated a mammoth skeleton under volcanic rock three years before the present day, the Backlander heads to the site and scares the past Max and Dr. Taylor away with a simulated earthquake. When the Space Pirates arrive and try to capture the D-Team and Alpha Gang, they're teleported back onto the Backlander along with the mammoth skeleton, from which Dr. Z retrieves the Cosmos Stone.



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