General StatisticsEdit

Yangchuanosaurus 2

full-sized Yangchuanosaurus

  • Name: Yangchuanosaurus shangyouensis
  • Name Meaning: Yang-Chu'an Lizard
  • Diet: Carnivore
  • Length: 8-11 meters (26-36 feet)
  • Time Period: Middle/Late Jurassic
  • Classification: Allosauroidea --> Metriacanthosauridae
  • Place Found: China
  • Describer: Dong, 1978

Dinosaur King StatisticsEdit

Yangchaunosaurus card

Yangchuanosaurus arcade card (Japanese Gekizan 2nd Edition)

  • Attribute: Fire
  • Power: 1600
  • Technique: 700
  • Sign: Paper
    • TCG: Scissors
  • Arcade Nickname:
    • Japanese: オリエンタル狂戦士
    • English: The Berserker of the Orient
  • Name: Yang (Dub)
  • Owner: Sheer (Spectral Space Pirates), Max Taylor (D-Team)
  • Dinosaurs Defeated: Paris, Ace
  • Altered Forms: Spectral Armor Yangchuanosaurus

Move CardsEdit

Venom Fang
Yang summoned Piatnitzkysaurus to bite Chomp, but Chomp defeated it.
Burning Dash
With its mouth on fire, Yang bit Paris, then rammed her into Ace and them both into a giant rock, unleashing a burst of fire, and defeating them both.

TCG LoresEdit

Rampage: 1900 (Yangchuanosaurus, Fearsome Yangchuanosaurus)
During your turn, this Dinosaur's Power is 1900 (from 1600).
Frenzy (Fierce Yangchuanosaurus)
At the end of your turn, you lose 1 Life Point.
Mortal Bite (Spectral Armor Yangchuanosaurus)
When this Dinosaur attacks, you can pay 1 Life Point. If you do, this Dinosaur gains [Bite] during the battle. (If this Dinosaur wins a battle during your turn, your opponent loses 1 extra Life Point.)


Mesozoic MeltdownEdit

Sheer used Yangchuanosaurus to battle Chomp and Ace in its Spectral Armor form in There's No Place Like Rome, but when they used Thunder Storm Bazooka, Sheer recalled him before the attack hit. She later used "Yang" to attack Spartacus in the Coliseum. Chomp battled him after using Lightning Strike, but then Yang used Venom Fang, summoning Piatnitzkysaurus. Although Chomp defeated Piatnitzkysaurus with Thunder Bazooka, Yang defeated Ace and Paris with Burning Dash. Fortunately, Dr. Z gave Max the Element Boosters which transformed Chomp into his DinoTector form, allowing Chomp to defeat Yang with Ultimate Thunder. His card was reclaimed by Max.

Later on in the series (Bad Deal), Max sees a pack of wild Yangchuanosaurus walking up a hill. The pack was seen again running down the hill from a forest fire that was caused by Gigas.


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