Zander (ノラッティ~ Noratty) is a member of the Alpha Gang's A-Team. He is voiced by Kenyuu Horiuchi in the Japanese version, and by Darren Dunstan in the English dub.

Character DesignEdit

Zander has black hair and brown eyes underneath round, black glasses. He is the tallest member of the Alpha Gang, the second being Seth.


Zander's Japanese name, Noratty, is a parody on the word "natty", which is to be smart and fasionable, both of these description allude Zander in both the games and series with the look of his clothes and him being very smart, respectively, though it may be a joke that he's not very smart in the anime.


He often tries to act smart, and often comes up with their plans (that usually fail horribly). He has an evident crush on Reese[1]. When he was younger, Zander was kept in a orphanage with Ursula and Ed. The trio made a horrible group, but one day, Dr. Z adopted Zander, Ursula, and Ed, treating them as a caring foster father.

DS GameEdit

In the DS Game, Zander primarily uses Fire dinosaurs like Torvosaurus, Acrocanthosaurus, Carcharodontosaurus, and Alpha Acrocanthosaurus. In some battles, he also uses a Styracosaurus.

Zander appears to be a talented chemist, as he was able to engineer a sleeping sickness that put nearly every member of a nearby town into a deep sleep.


In the original, Zander is usually the one who pays for the Alpha Gang's missions, which, more often than not, fail. He usually uses Spiny as his partner, but occasionally uses Tank.


TCG LoresEdit

(DKTB) Discard any number of cards, then draw that many cards. Then, search your deck for a Move or a "Spiny" and put it into your hand. (Shuffle your deck after you search it.) You can include "Spiny" in your deck only if you are using this Character.
(DKDS) Draw 3 cards. Then, put a card from your hand on the top of your deck and another card from your hand on the bottom of your deck. You can include "Spiny" in your deck only if you are using this Character.
(DKTA) Search your deck for 1 "Spiny (Battle Mode)," 1 "Spiny (Dinotector)," or both and put them into your hand. (Shuffle your deck after you search it.) You can include "Spiny" in your deck only if you are using this Character.


  • "Gush out, Spinosaurus!"[2]
  • "But that was on my card!"
  • "Alpha Slash! Acrocanthosaurus, blaze!!"


  • He was featured on the Super Water Move Cards in Kyoryu-King's Card List 3 and Wake up, New Power! 5.
  • In the Taiwanese game and DS Game, Zander is a chemist.
  • Zander mostly uses Spiny for his dinosaur, but sometimes summons Terry and Tank.
  • The glasses that Zander wears in the game are completely different from his sunglasses he wears in the anime.
  • He once commented that he hates the Metal Wing attack after it effortlessly defeated Spiny yet again.



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