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Dinosaur KingEdit

Zoe first appears the morning after Max sees the meteor, complaining about how he woke her up so early. When they arrive at the area where the meteor crashed, she picks up the Grass stone, causing her to become the wielder of Grass Dinosaurs. When Terry and the A-Team arrive to capture Chomp, Zoe and Rex witness Max fend them off by summoning Chomp. When the A-Team reveals themselves, Zoe calls Ursula an old lady, much to the older woman's annoyance.

The next day, the D-Team go to the D-Lab, where Zoe's sister, Reese, has developed gadgets to summon their dinosaurs. Dr. Owen then reveals that he found two dinosaur cards at a dig site over in Alberta, Canada; a Grass Parasaurolophus card and a Wind Carnotaurus card. With those two dinosaur cards came two Move Cards, one for each dinosaur.

Dinosaur King: Mesozoic MeltdownEdit

Dinosaur king stupid moments1


  • "That old lady was weird." (Dinosaur King episode 1)
  • "Dino Slash! Parasaurolophus, bloom!" (earlier English summoning speech)
  • "Dino Slash! Spring up, Parasaurolophus!" (later English summoning speech)
  • (to Gavro) "Hey, big guy with the wings, leave Sophia alone! Do you hear me?"
  • (to Foolscap) "We have news for you. We don't know what a Spectral Space Pirate is!"
  • "Ikeyo! Parasaurolophus!" (Go, Parasaurolophus!; Japanese summoning speech)
  • (picking Chomp up and putting him in her arms) "That's not nice. You know, you're acting almost as immature as your owners are."
  • "Look! It's the old lady."


Zoe's character is completely missing from the manga adaptation, having been added to the franchise first as an anime-only character, then being introduced to the arcade version.

DS GameEdit

Although Zoe is unplayable in the DS Game, she does appear. At one point, the Alpha Gang steal random items from her (Seth takes her toothbrush). She was also taken hostage by Dr. Z and the rest of the Alpha Gang, and the boys had to save her.

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